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Located 60km southeast of Surabaya, Pasuruan is a small city in East Java province that serves as one of the main starting points to Mount Bromo. Unlike the infrastructure that you can see in Surabaya city centre, Pasuruan is a lot less modern. This content will cover information on how to go to Pasuruan and also the major Pasuruan points of interest.

What to see in Pasuruan

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Besides Mount Bromo, another major attraction in Pasuruan is the Safari Park II Prigen (Taman Safari Indonesia II).

Mount Bromo

How to go to Pasuruan points of interest. Things to do in Pasuruan bromo sunrise

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Mount Bromo is one of Indonesia’s most famous and most-visited volcanoes by both tourists and locals alike. It sits in the middle of a massive plain called the "Sea of Sand", that is part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. 

The main highlight of a Mount Bromo visit is watching the majestic, mesmerizing and magnificent sunrise. As the egg-yolk-like sun slowly and dramatically appears from behind the clouds, the rays of the sun sun will theatrically unveil the surrounding mountain peaks and all visible sights. This beauty is undescribable by words and will linger in your memory for a long time to come. 

Safari Park Prigen (Taman Safari Indonesia II)

How to go to Pasuruan points of interest. Things to do in Pasuruan safari prigen

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Safari Park Prigen, also known as “Taman Safari Indonesia 2”, is one of the largest safari parks in Asia. Indonesia's first Safari Park (Taman Safari Indonesia 1) is in Bogor, West Java (near Jakarta). 

The park has a wide variety of animal species and is considered as one of the best attractions in Indonesia. It also has a water park, a natural surrounding, and a lush atmosphere. 

The park's main attraction is in allowing visitors to drive through the various enclosures where they can get within touching distance of the animals. The park also offers educational shows and animal performances.

Address: Desa Jatiarjo, Prigen, Jatiarjo, Prigen, Pasuruan 67157, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 0830 hours to 1630 hours (best time to visit at 1000 hours)
Contact: +62 343 6743000


How to go to Pasuruan

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Located 65km Southeast of Surabaya, Pasuruan is 2 hours away from Surabaya city centre.

If you are looking for public transportation, do consider taking a local bus from Bungurasih Bus Station to Pasuruan direct. There will be several signage and touts there who will have signs indicating Pasuruan.

Alternatively, you can consider taking the public train. First, you make your way to Waru Train Station and take the Probowangi 213 train. One of the stops of the train route will be to Pasuruan. The duration of the train ride is only 1 hour 15 minutes and will cost you not more than S$10/MYR30/USD7 per person/way.